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We are taming time with the new spring and summer issue of yourK

Meetings are as old as humanity itself. In general, meetings are one of the most important means of communication in companies today. Trying to hold a meeting without making efficient use of time is unthinkable. Time spent in meetings is generally perceived as a necessary evil, but with the right tools it can be transformed into an effective use of time that will speed up decision-making in the future. The myTEAM® solution provides support for organising and planning meetings and assessing their outcome, but the successful course of a meeting depends on you and your preparation for it.

From the latest technological innovations we jump to the most recent impressive and elegant vehicle to come from Volkswagen, the revolutionary Arteon model. And what about something good to eat? In his stopover at the Grand Cru Restaurant, Miroslav Hampel found that a pigeon on the plate is better than one on the roof.

There is also the latest news from our clients, both old and new, and since the summer holidays are soon approaching, we invite you to the land of one thousand thermal springs, Hungary. We are sure you will get much enjoyment from the newest issue of yourK magazine, whether on the road or in the comfort of your home. And don’t forget that the right time is now!

For at least a moment let us together slow the hands of time!

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