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VENTUS can be combined with software to optimise deliveries

Optimising deliveries with your own fleet or when using individual carriers is no easy task. There are, of course, specialised tools for this. One such tool is Rinkai Routing (RiRo), which we can now integrate with our VENTUS® business information system. RiRo makes it possible to create an effective transport plan based on data supplied by ERP VENTUS®, respecting shipping and customer restrictions, maximising the use of the fleet and minimising shipping costs. It takes into account, for example, the time window or passability of vehicles on the roads being considered. The Démos trade Company is now actively using this innovation in its system. RiRo is also able to use mobile GPS data to compare planned routes with ones that have already been used. This information is sent back to the VENTUS® system to assess efficiency. There are many options for integration, depending on the specific needs and processes of individual clients.


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