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The new issue of yourK explains why passion for our products is so important at KVADOS

The release of the new issue of the popular yourK magazine was timed to coincide with KVADOS DAY 2016. In the featured Key section we give readers a special look inside the company at what passion for the product means at KVADOS and why this is such an important value for our company. Passion for the product is also the name of our year-long campaign, where we cooperate with clients to give our employees a chance to experience the fruits of their labour in real work settings and everyday situations. In this way, they have a chance to use our products as warehouse employees, cashiers, or sales representatives, and then use this experience when further developing our products or providing technical support.

The spring and summer issue of yourK has other interesting articles as well. In the Autograph section we take a look at the process of testing software using modern automated methods. The project team for the myCASH® solution holds the expertise, and now serve the customers of the largest Slovak bookseller Panta Rhei. In the Pop-up travel section we go to Bulgaria, the land of roses, where we have been providing the myAVIS® solution since 2008. To find out what kind of mobile terminal is ideal for modern warehouse management, check out In.

After three years, we check back in the Passion section with Miloslav Sehnal from the Czech branch of the Henkel Beauty Care division. We were interested in his experience with the transition from myAVIS® SFA to myAVIS® NG, the new generation mobile information system for managing business processes and customer relations. What can it do for sales reps and company management? You’ll find the answer inside yourK, where you can also try your luck at winning a bottle of superb Mailly L‘Intemporelle Blanc Champagne. Just be the tenth person to submit the correct answer to Miloslav Sehnal’s riddle by e-mail to no later than June 30, 2016.

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