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Support information for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

 Dear Business Partners,

We contractually undertake to support the most recent two versions of external products, and in practice we even support them longer and in multiple versions. The ultimate deadline, though, is when the manufacturer of a given product ends support, in this case Microsoft.

We are currently notifying you that as of 9. 7. 2019, Microsoft will end extended support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

Operating KVADOS products on a database server not supported by the manufacturer brings security and technical risks that may, in certain cases, lead to system outages and subsequent failure to meet contractually agreed SLA parameters. This fact represents a significant technical and security risk, and we therefore recommend beginning the migration process to a higher supported version of the database product.

Considering the year this product first hit the market (i.e. 2007), the product has probably been used by your company for 7–10 years.

We are also notifying in advance that as of 14. 1. 2020 Microsoft will end extended support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, which will have the same and possibly even greater impact on the security and reliability of operations.

We are therefore forced to request information whether you would like to address this situation and when will you be migrating to a higher version. We are prepared to offer you full cooperation and assistance in the delivery of new versions of Microsoft products. In certain cases, we can also deliver these products at advantageous prices.

It would then be necessary to plan migration on a schedule involving individual steps and licensing. Please contact either a sales representative or our Service Desk so that we can work with you to agree on future steps.

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