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ATALIAN CZ is a new myFABER user

KVADOS has implemented and fully deployed the myFABER® information system at ATALIAN CZ, a company which provides comprehensive services related to facility management and maintenance. The system was first deployed for trial operation in the Technical Maintenance Division in November 2014. This pilot programme involved six field technicians and two dispatchers. Based on the successful evaluation of this trial operation, the client decided to expand the project to a total of 50 mobile workers and six dispatchers at the central office. The myFABER® solution will be further used to effectively manage facility operation and technical maintenance, as well as the review and inspection of equipment.

This particular implementation involved the Workforce Management module to meet the needs of central dispatching, and the myFABER® mobile application for workers in the field. The system provides them with current orders describing the individual tasks required, including relevant documentation, related instructions, and contact information for the competent person in the given building. Workers can record technical condition, describe the work to be performed, and add photographs or scan work sheets directly in the field. They keep records of individual tasks performed, material consumed and travel expenses for the work order. This data is automatically transmitted to the central office, where it is further processed and available for subsequent management evaluation (OLAP data blocks).

myFABER® optimises the daily processes of ATALIAN CZ and saves time. By obtaining data in real time at the worksite and using mobile devices to transmit data to the primary company system, employees no longer have to enter data into the system at the office once maintenance employees return from the field. This has reduced errors and the amount of time required for administration.

The myFABER® mobile application is run on Alcatel OneTouch Hero and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini smartphones. The server component is hosted at the KVADOS myDATACENTER™.

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