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KVADOS actively interested in the Tatarstan market

Representatives of KVADOS took part in the Czech-Tatarstan economic forum on 15 April 2013, which was held in Prague during the visit of Tatar President Rustam Minnichanov to the Czech Republic. Participating on the Czech side was Minister of Trade and Industry Martin Kuba, along with representatives of 86 leading domestic companies actively interested in cooperating with Tatar partners. The Tatar contingent of three dozen included representatives of the government, state sector, educational institutions and businesses.

The Republic of Tartarstan is an important trading partner of the Czech Republic and trade between the two has been steadily increasing. In their presentations, President R. Minnichanov and Minister M. Kuba pointed out the need to foster the mutual cooperation of both countries through direct government support.

During the course of the forum, a number of meetings and negotiations took place at the government level as well as between business leaders. “The Republic of Tartarstan is a very interesting country , our historical ties to the region date back a thousand years. KVADOS always wants to be a leader, we welcome traditional mutual cooperation and will be looking to take an active part,” says Petr Gregor, KVADOS Business Director.

Gregor continued to point out that Tatarstan had a very strong economic position in the Russian Federation, due to its developed industry. This is precisely the area addressed by several solutions offered by KVADOS, which has already established a solid presence in eastern markets and is prepared to expand its business here as well.

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