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Jump right in to GDPR with the new autumn and winter issue of yourK

Most of you have probably heard of the new EU legislation known as GDPR, but your head may still be spinning with the number of changes that await you. That’s why we’ve decided to share our experience with the steps we’ve already taken in this area in the new issue of yourK magazine. Are you wrestling with an endless stream of company documents too? Our myTEAM® solution has been successfully working with DMS systems for years and will help you effectively manage your documents. You won‘t need any more binders and filing cabinets.
As is our custom, we also turn our attention beyond technological innovations, because life is about more than just knowledge. This time, our popular Stopover feature takes you to Restaurant Diana u Kuchařů for a fish feast. And speaking of the finer things in life, you’ll also certainly appreciate our article dedicated to the latest creation by Ferrari, the Portofino.

And because we know you love to compete, we have a new riddle for you. This time you’ll be playing for a pair of wireless Sound Bottle speakers from Samsung! Simply send the correct answer to yourk@kvados.cz by 31 January 2018 and we will draw a winner.

So let’s take a deep breath together, take a running start and jump!


myRELEASE – the latest news on KVADOS products

The end of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for the fourth issue of the myRELEASE newsletter. We would like to keep you abreast of the latest news about our products and let you know what kind of projects we’ve been working on recently.

How are preparations going for the European Union’s new GDPR legislation? The regulation will take effect in May of next year, but many companies already have their hands full working to implement new procedures or modify existing ones. You will also find all kinds of information on updates to our products. If you are interested in any of these, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team so they can customise a solution to meet your needs. E-mail us at obchod@kvados.cz.

Check out this short video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZZXAMeQ8rxQ.


United Bakeries has joined the ranks of our clients

United Bakeries, a leading bakery group in the Czech Republic, has decided to manage its business processes with the help of myAVIS® NG, thus joining the ranks of KVADOS clients. In autumn of last year, the company held a tender to find the right software to support its business processes, and the winner was the KVADOS CRM tool myAVIS® NG. We prepared a solution that in addition to the basic module, also includes modules for Sales, Logistics, CRM and Finance. Deployment began in May and also includes hosting at the KVADOS data centre. This suite of myAVIS® NG modules contains many useful market-related functions, such as information on receivables, delivery dates, orders, distribution monitoring, order processing and much more. It can map market potential and the acquisition of new customers. Through mobile reports, it provides comprehensive daily information on visits, order summaries, customer coverage through visits, visit frequency and other useful reports.



KVADOS issues official statement on GDPR

By now you have undoubtedly noticed the discussion of issues concerning the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. For some companies the topic is of major concern, but not so for KVADOS. We take the regulation very seriously, as we do the need to protect all personal data.

By now you have undoubtedly noticed the discussion of issues concerning the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. For some companies the topic is of major concern, but not so for KVADOS. We take the regulation very seriously, as we do the need to protect all personal data. We are pleased to have the opportunity to assure you once again that you have a trusted partner in KVADOS and to show you that we honour personal privacy at the level of data administration and processing.

But don’t expect a major revolution; the changes will only involve the introduction of certain specific new processes and the review of current ones. Changes will primarily be made in ensuring a uniform approach to the personal data of all our customers, partners and employees.

We have been certified according to the ISO/IEC 27 001 international standard on information security management since 2009. Numerous processes required by the GDPR have already been implemented at KVADOS for several years and repeatedly audited. Among other measures, we appointed a company representative, Mr. Jiří Vidlář, our Production Director, who will deal with this issue intensively and train others. In the immediate future, we will be focusing on modifying our products so that they serve you in full compliance with the new legislation.

We can answer any questions you might have, provide one-time consultation, or provide contacts for cooperating lawyers and other certified specialists.
You will find our declaration on GDPR at: www.kvados.com/media/gdpr-prohlaseni-kvados_en.pdf



We have published a special issue of yourK to celebrate 25 years of KVADOS

KVADOS is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the spring & summer issue of yourK is packed full of articles in the spirit of this celebration. Several columns are devoted to various aspects of innovation, which is such a central part of our company’s philosophy and success. In the Key column, founder Miroslav Hampel tells the story of the KVADOS road to innovation. Come join this amazing ride on the wave of innovation!
In this year’s first issue of yourK, we turn the clock back twenty five years to look at how success is measured and what secret ingredients bring it about. In Passion, we talk to Hanka Prauzková, Business and Marketing Director, about the direction the KVADOS brand is heading and the company’s strategy for the coming period. What exciting new treats are being prepared in our development kitchen? In the Autograph column, you will learn about the very successful trail being blazed by myTEAM NG. We also take you behind the scenes on the job at one of our client’s companies. Because what better way to find out what our clients need than to look at processes through their eyes! On this field assignment, our consultant got first-hand experience of how merchants work with the myCASH cash register system.

And we certainly haven’t forgotten all you connoisseurs of fine food and drink. This time, we take you to steak heaven at Bernie´s and introduce the Presidente line of rums created in honour of Cuban revolutionary and poet José Martí, available from RUMAKO.

And finally, since we know that you like to compete, we have another riddle for you related to the Appetite column. The prize is quite impelling, because the winner will receive a bottle of outstanding rum from the Dominican Republic! Just be the 25th person to submit the correct answer by 30 June to yourk@kvados.cz.

We wish you enjoyable and inspirational reading!


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