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A new approach to increasing the efficiency and productivity of office employees


myWORK® is a software solution for an area that was previously difficult or impossible to manage. Have you ever wondered how to measure the productivity of office employees? How to reward them based on the effectiveness of their work and performance? How to effectively manage their performance and increase their motivation?

myWORK® is the answer to all these questions and more. This is a very easy to use tool, yet it brings great benefits to any company, of any size, in any field. Work efficiency is essential for the operations of any company. But for office employees, performance is often difficult to quantify and measure. myWORK® overcomes this obstacle by helping to map processes in detail at individual levels of an organisation. It then measures them, introduces metrics based on results, compares and ranks them. Users regularly enter their activity in a simple work statement interface. The system automatically assesses this information in the background. This analysis reveals bottlenecks, various anomalies, process duplicities and possibly differences in the performance of employees. But above all, myWORK® provides information about the actual time spent on individual activities and processes.

myWORK® can be deployed one-time to measure efficiency and optimise processes; repeatedly to compare the results of changes that have been made, or permanently. It is used to keep records of work statements and also provides important management information.

Part of the myWORK® solution is an analysis of the processes within your organisation. We pass on our vast experience in optimising processes. Then all routine and non-standard employee activities are recorded and assessed. Thanks to myWORK®, you gain an objective overview of the activities of your employees – both from a short-term and long-term perspective, with the ability to compare the performance of employees, teams and even whole departments over time.


Is it possible to objectively measure the performance of any job position? • Are employees performing activities that lead to the fulfilment of the organisation’s objectives? • Are processes and activities set up correctly? • Are the right employees performing the right processes and tasks? • Is the right number of people in the right places in the organisational structure? • Is anybody working more or less efficiently than others and why is that? • What should managerial evaluations and audits be based on? • Which measures improve work productivity?





myWORK® brings you a new and objective perspective on the work of your employees and the time required for their activities, broken down into detail. It will help you choose leaders and quickly identify those who need support. You will identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and determine the level of productivity of individuals, which will help you better assemble teams and assign tasks to optimise capacity.

myWORK® can be linked to performance indicators for job positions, including an extensive database of individual activities and tasks. By monitoring the real activities of employees over a certain period of time, myWORK® provides managers with objective information about the work performed. It thus provides a baseline for subsequent measures to increase efficiency and also helps improve the productivity of employees.

The myWORK® environment is similar to Microsoft Office. It is simple and intuitive to use. Therefore, there’s no need for long and expensive user training before myWORK® is deployed. On request, myWORK® can also be integrated with other company systems that you already use.


Main benefits of myWORK®

  • Map and optimise internal processes
  • Improve the performance of individual employees and entire teams
  • Find personnel reserves
  • Save direct costs
  • Detect bottlenecks and duplicities in human resources

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ACCOM Group evaluates cooperation with KVADOS

Jaroslav Krajíček, generální ředitel Skupiny ACCOM

„This is the fifth year we’ve been with KVADOS. At the time, it was a big technical change, although we gained tools enabling us to control and effectively manage our distribution. Today, there are about 30 retailers using the KVADOS’s system, and soon to be more…”

Jaroslav Krajíček
General Director, Accom Group 


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