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The mySTOCK® Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive solution for internal company logistics and a tool for managing warehouse processes.

It can be used at all companies that require ongoing processes relating to the purchase, storage and shipping of goods, materials or semi-finished products. It also supports manufacturing operations with high demands on quality and timely deliveries (based on the “just in time” principle).

mySTOCK® automatically evaluates all these parameters and uses them to place received goods in the best location. It similarly optimises the retrieval process. This cuts storage and handling costs and reduces shipping time. Warehouse processes can be managed and given set parameters according to clear rules, which can be adapted to the season, order volume or available resources. Employees are assigned tasks generated by mySTOCK® according to set definitions. It thus provides valuable information on performance, which can be used to motivate warehouse personnel. The architecture and logic of the system has been fine-tuned down to the last detail, combining all logistics and warehouse elements into a single, truly functional unit.


Records and processing orders received • Comprehensive receipt of goods – internal and external  • Relocation of stored goods, including optimising placement • Preparation, checking, packing and shipping • Transportation and shipping support • Checks and inspections – attaining maximum precision and quality of all warehouse operations • Detailed records • Loading and distribution • Stocktakes • Analysis and statistics of all operations


We supply mySTOCK® as a complete package including know-how in the area of warehouse management, logistics and its optimisation. In addition to software and support, we can also provide logistics studies, integration with various technologies, management systems, management tools and comprehensive follow-up support. Naturally, we can also arrange all the necessary hardware components, including conveyors, automatic loaders, scales, sorters and packers.

Managers have the mySTOCK® Manager tool at their disposal, which they can use to monitor the current status of warehouse processes, the activities of warehouse employees and the tasks they have performed.
They can also flexibly redistribute and manage capacity to eliminate potential bottlenecks.

mySTOCK® is a robust solution for modern, intelligent warehousing. We provide a comprehensive solution that begins with a logistics study. We then propose a warehouse design and provide complete delivery of software, know-how, technology and equipment, along with subsequent support.

With mobile terminals in online and online regimes, mySTOCK® provides maximum support for the effective movement and use of warehouse employees. Warehouse employees use portable devices to receive specific tasks and instructions. They can even conduct a complete stocktake during regular operations using a managed process.

Main benefits of mySTOCK®

  • Comprehensive coverage of logistics resources, processes and technologies
  • Integration of warehouse technologies
  • Improved shipping performance (faster stock turnover)
  • Operative management of distribution based on current needs
  • Precise information on current warehouse status and remote management

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mySTOCK® solution in GCE

Ladislav Cheben, generální ředitel společnosti GCE

“The mySTOCK solution is integrated with our information system and has become indispensable in terms of increasing work productivity. There are fewer errors, we have a clearer picture of the movement of inventory in warehouses, and mySTOCK has also enabled us to reduce our warehouse staff. We are very happy with both KVADOS solutions, which have signiffcantly contributed to helping the company achieve its goals.”

Ladislav Cheben
General Director, GCE


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