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myDATACENTER™ is a service designed for clients who want to place the operation of their most important business applications in the hands of specialists.

With myDATACENTER™, you are assured that these applications will have high availability, sufficient capacity, and data will be securely stored and backed up. At the same time, you will no longer need to continually maintain infrastructure, technology licensing or modernise hardware and software. You will have a complete overview of all services used and predicatable operating costs.

Thanks to its advanced modular and continually updated infrastructure, along with our many years of experience and references, myDATACENTER™ guarantees long-term, cutting edge service parameters. We guarantee these in a service level agreement (SLA).For you that means a significant advantage in strengthening the stability and availability of your applications. Stop struggling with complicated problems associated with the expansion, modernisation and administration of hardware, the consequences of crashes or malfunctions, or the constant risk of power outages or data loss. You will no longer need to constantly address technological issues related to your growing business, the need to use new applications or an increase in the number of employees or amount of stored data.

With myDATACENTER™, you can manage these situations much more easily. By working with an experienced team of top specialists, you gain an environment in which to run your applications with guaranteed care of data and infrastructure, with a guarantee of the high availability and operating efficiency of your entire system.

myDATACENTER™ represents our long-term concept for the provision of software as a comprehensive service. Today, this is a proven approach using a private cloud solution, where for a clearly defined price, you gain complete infrastructure, cutting edge technology and application software with related support.


A modern modular and highly secure infrastructural environment • All necessary technology, equipment and software licensing, all provided as a service • Available capacity, which can be configured for your applications as required • Comprehensive service provided by a team of well-trained,certified technicians • Service with parameters defined and guaranteed in a service level agreement (SLA) • High flexibility of services according to your current needs


myDATACENTER™ is built on four pillars, which enable you to use the service as your main data centre for all applications or as  backup data centre for geographically separate operating environments, always with high security for applications and data. Together with myDATACENTER™, you can also take advantage of some of our other products in the form of a comprehensive service (Solution as a Service), without the need for initial investment costs. Another advantage is the ability to use selected Microsoft applications with a high degree of availability and security as KVADOS is a certified Microsoft partner (SPLA).



myDATACENTER™ combines the advantages of standard data centres with our experience in developing software products. Our data centre is adapted and optimised to operate and develop key CRM applications, while ensuring a high degree of security, reliability and availability. Thanks to the outstanding structural and technological components used, we can handle the needs of clients who require high performance and availability for their operation and solutions.

myDATACENTER™ is located outside the flood zone, in a unit that is separate from the rest of the building, with waterproofing and fireproofing, as well as a double floor and ceiling. There is also a high level of building security and fire protection.

With an area of 70 m2, the unit houses 18 racks for operated servers, disk subsystems and related communications technology designated for your applications. The facility design enables the installation of a large concentration of components, which can draw up to 40 kW per rack. All related systems such as the water cooling system, power supply and communications infrastructure are specially designed for this extremely powerful equipment. Electricity is supplied by a separate, dedicated transformer station, backed up by batteries and secured by a generator and our solar power plant. Power consumption can be accurately measured, controlled and managed. Connectivity is provided by two independent optical links with separate lines and providers.

Main benefits of myDATACENTER™

  • Comprehensive – with myDATACENTER™, you receive KVADOS solutions as one service with specified parameters
  • Guarantee – we contractually guarantee the parameters of services, architecture and technology
  • Reliability and security – building, technology, personnel
  • Professionalism – for more than 20 years, we have been providing our own solutions, using proven methods
  • Cutting edge – we maintain the most advanced hardware, technology, software, operating procedures and methods

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ACCOM Group evaluates cooperation with KVADOS

Jaroslav Krajíček, generální ředitel Skupiny ACCOM

„This is the fifth year we’ve been with KVADOS. At the time, it was a big technical change, although we gained tools enabling us to control and effectively manage our distribution. Today, there are about 30 retailers using the KVADOS’s system, and soon to be more.”

Jaroslav Krajíček
General Director, Accom Group

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