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myCASH® is a comprehensive solution for retail stores and their networks, including franchising support.

The myCASH® information system features a wide range of modern tools to motivate the end consumer to make repeated purchases, including the use of personalised data. myCASH® also includes a sophisticated loyalty system linked to managerial outputs to effectively plan consumer events, including segmentation of customer groups. This makes it possible to personalise sales based on specific clients and to target the marketing of your goods and services.

Another benefit, is a sophisticated tool to optimise and manage the processes of warehouse stock and supplying individual stores. The system improves the efficiency of the supply department as it takes into account seasonality, the impact of weather and other inputs to optimise delivery volumes. myCASH® includes a retail sales terminal designed for quick and easy operation. The sales process is facilitated by the integration of product images and photographs, which speeds the process of searching stock for a specific product. Another welcome innovation is the replacement of the traditional character display with a full-feature monitor. This enables the customer to see their current purchase and total price, and it can also be used for targeted marketing.

The philosophy of myCASH® is to make shopping more pleasant for customers, to appeal to them, engage them, and above all, keep them coming back, so that this purchase is the first of many. However, the technical aspects of the system are no less important.




Retail sales terminal • Comprehensive stock records by store and location Records of customer orders • Comprehensive records of orders issued to suppliers Central sales catalogue and extensive tools for pricing management • Effective supplies, including sales planning • In-house cash register • Extensive loyalty programme tools • Sophisticated reporting and data evaluation


Manager information system (MIS) • Double-entry accounting or integration module for accounting records • Support for duty free sales • Employee time cards


The range of functions provided by myCASH® is based on years of experience of dozens of successful retailers and companies operating extensive retail networks. myCASH® isn’t just sales software, it also encompasses the know-how and best practices to successfully run a retail business.

The architecture of the myCASH® system is designed for an extensive retail network with a variable number of sales terminals.
Individual sales terminals function independently, even when the connection to the central server is lost, and store operation remains uninterrupted thanks to the offline mode. Once connection to the server is restored, data is automatically synchronised. myCASH® works with most currently available payment terminals, including those that support internet payments. The myCASH® cash register terminal is mutually integrated with the payment terminal, thus ensuring quick check out and the elimination of errors. There is a wide range of payment tools, including cash payments in various currencies, credit/debit card payments, acceptance of gift certificates, vouchers etc.

myCASH® is a solution that makes it easier to serve customers, speeds check out and supports standard and specialised hardware. Because sales processes are so efficient, sales staff and managers can devote more time to customers, who are happy to come back to a store that always has personalised offers, interesting prices and loyalty discounts, as well as quick and easy payment at the cash register.

Main benefits of myCASH®

  • Management based on current, real and objective criteria and data
  • Evaluation and managerial reporting tools
  • Optimisation for large sales networks, including support for franchise partners
  • Standardisation of all processes according to best practices and defined rules
  • Open to special client customisation

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myCASH® solution in TRAVEL FREE

Martin Šoun, Systém Consultant společnosti TRAVEL FREE

“KVADOS is literally a lifelong partner for us. It started with the decision to go with the VENTUS system from KVADOS. And we had to switch from the duty free to the TRAVEL FREE system really fast, in just a few days. Over time, we began to use other products. We replaced our cash register system with myCASH, and installed a manager information system.”

Martin Šoun
System Consultant, TRAVEL FREE


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