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New approach, technology and functions combined with vast experience


myAVIS® builds on KVADOS’s many years of experience in developing and implementing mobile information systems and brings a new dimension to the work of users in the field.

myAVIS® enables the full use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions on a broad range of tablets with the Android operating system. It not only offers extensive capabilities for the comprehensive presentation of goods and services, but also easy and comfortable data acquisition and processing. Processes and agendas are based on the logic of sales reps, not programmers, which together with clear graphics and gesture response ensures even faster, more pleasant and intuitive operation.

The myAVIS® solution expands the KVADOS product portfolio by incorporating elements of the very popular myAVIS® SFA tool intended for the Microsoft Windows mobile platform. It takes these extensive functions and raises them to a new level.

A key feature is standardisation of processes according to the best practices of dozens of successful companies, naturally with the ability to make modifications according to the needs of individual customers. These defined processes are directly and uniformly observed by all users across all activities.



The basic module of myAVIS® covers all the important activities of sales representatives. You can use the following functions:



To realise the full potential of your sales reps, you can select various ready-made modules to customise your myAVIS®. Individual modules can be purchased progressively, according to your changing needs and requirements.



myAVIS® is a fully functional CRM system, which can be used by not only sales representatives, but the entire sales team, including top management. It allows you to keep records of all activities and communication with the customer, and to bring together and integrate data, even from other systems. Customer relations will now have a new dimension, currency and clarity for all users, in every situation. This is a unique CRM tool specifically designed and implemented for use on tablets. It supports customer relationships right where they happen and develop – at meetings, during personal contact and in all forms of communication.

myAVIS® users get a new level of information quality right in the field. Thanks to wider display options, sales reps can now view information that was previously only available to managers – multiple graphs and diagrams can show shares of individual customers in total sales, a particular group of products, or receivables. A graph of outstanding invoices can be displayed, along with intervals past due or payment morale. Other data can be compared on different charts. And of course, video is also supported, so that advertisements can be viewed during business meetings.

Despite this broad functionality, the myAVIS® application is designed for simple operation. Users quickly learn to work with it efficiently, without long training sessions. The natural and intuitive controls minimise needless clicking. Everything is where the user expects it to be, and works as expected. This is achieved through the careful and well-considered selection of control elements, their graphic representation, incorporated gestures, choice of information, and colour highlighting throughout the application. At the same time, myAVIS® defines new standards for tablet applications in its class.

Main benefits of myAVIS®

  • We turn sales representatives into the best traders
  • Best practices in business processes
  • Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supported Android platform
  • Simplest possible intuitive controls that support gestures without unnecessary clicking

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myAVIS® solution in Henkel 

Miloslav Sehnal, Sales Field Manager společnosti Henkel

“Information technology is a modern day phenomenon. Information hits us from all sides and a person has to know how to work with it. As our product line can be clearly classified as fast moving consumer goods, the value of this offered us a service that we needed, and prepared a product to meet our requirements. myAVIS is a great and indispensable tool for us. It has helped us learn more about what men and women desire.”

Miloslav Sehnal
Sales Field Manager, Henkel


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