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The myACADEMY™ service assists our clients in using the broad portfolio of KVADOS products, their modules and extensive functions. It enables users to obtain practical information and recommendations on working as effectively as possible, either regularly or one-time. This significantly cuts the time needed to train new employees and increases the level of knowledge shared within the company environment.

We customise myACADEMY™ for individual clients based on their particular products and individual needs. Training can be for both end users, as well as computer system administrators and management. We have also prepared general courses for entire solutions and individual functions, which are ideal for new users.

myACADEMY™ is largely used by customers who are already using our solutions and services. Individual activities generally focus on: Simple, effective and fast training of new users • Deepening the knowledge of current users for maximum use of functional potential • Introduction of new tools and agendas • Training for new tools and agendas • Individual consultation regarding client requirements.

To ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, we have prepared several ways in which you can actively take advantage of the myACADEMY™ service. You can choose classic personal training, where the instructor comes right to your company or gives classes at KVADOS, or, a modern electronic form of training, where participants take part in online webinars.

Instructors are experienced consultants, product and project managers, who are experts in the given field and who are familiar with the actual solution deployed at your company.



• For individuals • For a selected group of users • Joint training for an entire team or department


• For individuals • For a selected group of users • Joint training for an entire team or department



We are constantly adding, updating and expanding myACADEMY™ topics. We include the latest modules and functions, as well as new or innovative work procedures and best practices in established agendas.


myACADEMY™ provides numerous benefits for KVADOS software users. Training and active access to these programmes, increases the effective use of functions and modules, opens the horizons of their capabilities, speeds up the introduction of new features following regular upgrades and facilitates the training of new employees. From a management perspective, myACADEMY™ increases the productivity of users during everyday tasks and generally expands the possible uses of our products and services.

myACADEMY™ webinars are held online, in real time, with small groups of participants. Training is specifically targeted for the solution you are using. You learn using the tools and in the environment you are intimately familiar with. Participants watch the instructor on the screens of their computers, along with presentations and chat. They can communicate with the instructor, as well as other participants.

During the webinar, the instructor is able, for example, to post all necessary documents and supplementary information for download. The webinar itself is not long, which helps keep participants focused. Since the course content is always prepared individually, based on your needs, it is possible to adapt the length of training or create a follow-up cycle of webinars.

Main benefits of myACADEMY™

  • Increases the effective use of our solutions – after training, users work more effectively with the functions and tools at their disposal
  • Flexible training of new employees – training focused precisely on job descriptions and process roles
  • Custom training – content based precisely on your current needs
  • Continual expansion of knowledge – we can also provide training as a series of courses in a given area
  • Shorter and more intensive training – information tailored to a specific topic and solutions used

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Peter Weiss
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