Social responsibility

Not everyone was born to loving parents, and not everyone can grow up in a cosy home.

Not everyone is in full health, and not everyone has the same chances. And children in particular suffer the most, even though they are not responsible for their bad luck. The company KVADOS and its people are aware of this, and they attempt turn this bad luck around. Themselves and together. In the course of the year every employee has the chance to send suggestions which it would be worth supporting. And non-profit-making organisations, children’s homes or the handicapped often contact our company directly. Several times a year a vote is held, and the most needful of the nominated projects are selected. Some are long term, and some one-off events. Every helping hand counts in a crisis, and so not even extraordinary events such as floods are overlooked.

The following are just some of the projects and subjects which the company KVADOS has supported:


If you have a suggestion for an interesting or needful project, or if you know of an organisation or individual who the company KVADOS could help out in a difficult situation, contact Gabriela Wojaczková (HR Director) by telephone on +420 596 126 210 or by email at


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