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To find out how it all began and what were the biggest milestones, read about the company’s history below.

1992: A year full of commitments – juggling work and marriage

Ever since he was a boy, company founder Miroslav Hampel enjoyed discovering new things. His greatest and most exceptional discovery is his wife, who he married in 1992. But Mirek’s fascination with computers began even earlier, when he purchased the legendary Atari 800 XL while still in secondary school in 1986. Four years later, he replaced that computer with a Commodore Amiga. 1992 was a watershed year for Mirek, when he obtained his first trade licence to provide software. He named his first company HANAS (taken from the Czech HAmpel NAbízí Služby – Hampel offers services), and thus began an entrepreneurial career that was to create the foundations from which KVADOS would soon grow.

1993: An idea becomes a reality – KVADOS enters the market

In 1993, Mirek becomes increasingly taken with the idea of providing quality software and hardware and developing customised software solutions for customers. And so, at the end of the year, occasional work based on a trade licence becomes a full-time job and Mirek’s first child is born – KVADOS (a.k.a. KVAlitní DOdavatelské Služby – Quality Supplier Services).

1994: The wipers wipe, the sprayers spray – first company car

A new company needs to present itself properly, so it was time to buy the first company computer, printer, car and mobile phone. Mirek is joined at KVADOS by some of his classmates, who were mainly focused on finishing university but didn’t mind earning a bit of money on the side. Aleš Gasiorek, Milan Dadok and Martin Tomis were all around during the early days of KVADOS. 1994 is a year of great opportunities. Large enterprises are being privatised and transformed into smaller companies. The new companies need software to keep accounts, run warehouses and send out invoices. KVADOS is soon up to its ears in customers with a turnover exceeding 2 million crowns.

1995-1997: Developing our own ERP system. VENTUS enters the game

The company’s student staff is joined by the first official employees. KVADOS grows and moves to Ostrava. Based on the nature of work orders, it becomes increasingly clear that the company needs to develop its own comprehensive ERP solution. Unlike the FoxPRO system, which dominated at that time, it would operate on a Windows platform using a paid SQL database. We look for new programming tools, write the first lines of code in PowerBuilder and store the first data in an SQL database. The internet conquers the world and we enter the market with our own ERP system, VENTUS®. We develop it intensively and learn to automatically connect branches. In addition, we create our first website, www.kvados.cz.

1998: CEO – father of a family and growing company

KVADOS continues to grow successfully and now has 15 employees. Mirek’s household is also growing with the birth of his daughter Karolínka. KVADOS headquarters are no longer big enough, so we rent space in a beautiful modern building in Ostrava at Stodolní 22. There’s plenty of room here for both work and play. Our wholesale solution is now joined by retail software we call COMES.

1999: A contract that increases company turnover and our sleep deficit

1999 is a turning point for the company. We carry out our first comprehensive project using the VENTUS® product for the K + B Progres Group. During this time, more than one employee tests the limits of their physical and mental strength. As Mirek recollects: “There was a day when I saw the sunrise three times.” Deliveries of our own software are supplemented by truly professional server hardware. We are also enchanted by the relentless march of the internet, so we add Internet presentations to our portfolio. In addition to programmers, we also hire graphic designers.

2000–2002: The bird leaves the nest

It appears that there are no obstacles to growth, but despite our original euphoria, the first sobering moments arrive. The internet bubble bursts in the US, which in fact just means a financial reassessment of ridiculously over-valued internet companies. However, many managers in the Czech Republic believe this means the internet has failed, especially stores. 2001 is a critical year for us in this sense – we have to reduce our activity in B2C projects and we hit bottom financially. At the same time however, we come up with the idea of a mobile information system during this period and myAVIS® is born (avis, meaning bird in Latin, symbolising freedom when working with a mobile solution in the field). Development takes two years. We create something never seen before – a mobile CRM.

2003: myAVIS heads to Europe, KVADOS heads to Pivovarská

Following the crisis in 2001, the company’s sales and profit rise sharply. Doors begin to open beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and we begin communicating with partners and clients in foreign languages. We define a new strategy for company development, we grow and exhibit at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover for the first time. We have a new logo, 40 employees and no longer fit in our current premises. We therefore move to a building on Pivovarská street that we now have all to ourselves. Here we launch more projects, look for new ideas and innovations, continue training employees and work on our English. At the time, we still have no idea how useful this will be.

2004–2005: First warehouse management system

In 2004, we are busy programming and creating our first WMS. The number of myAVIS® projects continues to increase and takes us all over Europe, so the KVADOS Mobile Solutions subsidiary is formed to take over mobile activity. The VENTUS® solution learns to manage franchise networks. We respond to market needs and demands, including pricing. We introduce comprehensive leasing of all our products, which can also be combined with the lease of servers. For myAVIS® this even includes mobile devices and related services.

2006: The ideas keep coming – the myCASH register system is born

We continue to intensively develop all our products and seek ways to expand cooperation with current and new clients. We still have plenty of ideas for innovation and begin working on a new product for retail - myCASH®. We incorporate the latest technology, and what was a very modern idea at the time, comprehensive controls using a touch screen display. The leasing business model for myAVIS® enjoys enormous success with clients and the company’s consolidated turnover reaches nearly 100 million crowns. Gone are the days of just sitting in the office or travelling around the Czech and Slovak Republics. Now client visits take us all over Europe. We organise the first KVADOS DAY. Meeting with clients means an opportunity to introduce them to our latest innovations and vision, and also provides a platform for deepening our cooperation, partnership and friendship.

2007: We have a professional Service Desk

Our product and client portfolio grow successfully. Clients place a premium not only on the quality of products, but also the quality of related services provided when operating these systems. Our Hot-Line and Help-Desk services need to be expanded, which is the main reason for the creation of the professional Service Desk. For the first time, support is provided by analysts who are not working directly on client projects, enabling them to concentrate solely on the smooth operation of our products and resolving any problems. In short, they remain at the disposal of our clients. As part of the expansion of our portfolio, we introduce the successful myAVIS® Field Service for service users who spend the majority of their workday in the field.

2008: We implement the first WMS

We introduce our myWORK® and myCASH® products onto the market and successfully implement them at a number of retail companies. After several months of intensive development, we come up with another major innovation, a WMS that we subsequently deploy at Démos Trade. The solution is named mySTOCK® WMS. At the same time, we decide to develop completely new and highly innovative platforms, both in terms of the technology used and architecture. Internally we call it QAS, which becomes a cornerstone for future software development.

2009: We expand our product portfolio and the number of employees grows

It’s unbelievable, but our employees number nearly one hundred. We move once again to a building on Novoveská street in Ostrava-Mariánské Hory, filling it from the basement to the attic. This gives us enough room to pursue more ideas, hold meetings, meet with clients and for new staff. In terms of products, we implement a new solution for companies operating in the service sector – myFABER®. Our myAVIS® Field Sales solution is once again nominated for best solution using Microsoft Windows Mobile in the 2009 Microsoft Awards.

2010: The most important place in the company

We begin development of a process system on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, which will later become known as myTEAM®. We also finally open the long-planned myDATACENTER™, a highly secure place for our technology. This gives us a truly professional facility for hosting client solutions, which we gradually supplement with available server technology based on client requirements. We publish the first issue of yourK magazine for our clients and business partners. Plus, we mustn’t forget our first certification according to ISO standards (9001, 10 000, 14 000, 18 000, 20 000 and 27 000).

2011: Software Solutions

In 2011, the shareholders decide to simplify company operations and merge KVADOS, a. s. with its subsidiary KVADOS Mobile Solutions, s. r. o. The previous slogan of “Information Technology” is changed to “Software Solutions” which better expresses the main focus of the company’s business. The myTEAM® and myMACHINE™ products hit the market. We publish the first issue of the myK employee magazine for staff, where they can learn about our successes, projects, and all the latest news at KVADOS. We also start collaborating on RODOS, a major research project funded by the Czech government through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, where we work with a number of partners from the transportation telematics sector under the guidance of VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

2012: A sweet twentieth anniversary

Time flies like the wind and KVADOS is twenty years old. This is reason for a real celebration, so we hold our first company ball. This is attended by employees, clients and partners, filling the Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava with over 300 guests. The evening is full of festivities and Miroslav Žbirka gets the entire hall dancing with his songs. Parties aside, we continue to work on moving myAVIS® to tablets using the Windows operating system. We are able to successfully convince clients that working on tablets will save time and money. And we should also mention that KVADOS staff can now relax right in the building because we added a massage room. After a hard day behind the desk, a massage is a well-earned reward for many employees.

2013: We continue to grow and receive awards

Far from sitting on our laurels, we continue to intensively develop new technologies. In addition to this, we earn an A1 rating from D&B, declaring the sound financial health of KVADOS to our partners. Our magazine yourK receives the most prestigious TOP RATED award in the 2012 Golden Semicolon competition. Now a tradition, KVADOS DAY takes on a pirate theme with record participation in 2013. We are pleased to see the results of our work in so many areas.

2014: Doing really well with systems and marketing

For us, 2014 is most notably the year in which we launch a brand new and improved version of our key myAVIS® new generation product on an Android platform. This solution earns us a major award in the 2014 Innovative Companies of the Moravian-Silesian Region competition. Another award is garnered by the yourK company magazine in the Fénix Czech marketing competition.

2015: We see the future with Android – Migrating to myAVIS NG

We are pleased with the excellent reception of myAVIS® new generation, and continue to successfully implement it for both new and old clients. We even present our software in Asia at the information technology trade fair in Shanghai. The number of servers located in myDATACENTER™ increases so much that we come up with another innovation and begin heating the entire building with the excess heat. KVADOS receives an AA excellent rating in the CZECH Stability Awards, placing us among the top 5% most stable companies in the Czech Republic. Along with product development, we innovate our marketing strategies, making our corporate image more modern and colourful to suitably present our product portfolio.

2016: New idea for an ERP system

We launch new marketing activities to build our brand and increase awareness of our products, primarily by using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and the internet in general. We carry out our first PPC advertising campaign. For the tenth time in our long-running cooperation with Microsoft, we are awarded the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We prepare our first product days, so that our employees can fully comprehend the KVADOS philosophy and learn about individual projects and, above all, feel proud of the solutions we create. This is an entertaining way for colleagues from individual departments to get acquainted with the details of projects and meet the clients who use our products. This year, we also introduced the idea of an ERP system built on an innovative user platform and a comprehensive process approach. The solution has been introduced under the myVENTUS brand.

2017: 25 years on the market and still not done

Time marches inexorably onward and KVADOS has now been around for 25 years. We are therefore working on expanding language support for our products, and supplementing our VENTUS® and myCASH® solutions to fully comply with legislation in Slovakia and Poland. There is also interest in mySTOCK® and we implemented the largest number of WMS projects this year. We haven’t let up on innovation and are working on developing the new generation myCASH 2.0. We are intensively developing myVENTUS and myTEAM new generation because we expect to hear a lot about them in the future and believe they are a key competitive advantage for KVADOS. The history and development of KVADOS is founded on innovations, so it’s no wonder this is the main theme of our 25th anniversary.

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