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Distribution of electronic work orders in ČEZ group

myAVIS™ distributes electronic work orders in the ČEZ group. It offers modern access for the management of servicing teams, it ensures greater effectiveness, the monitoring of costs and reporting to management.

Modern warehousing in the company K + B Progres, a.s.

The module WMS VENTUS offers the company K + B Progres, a.s., effective management of a modern automated warehouse, simplification and acceleration of processes for handling despatch with support for remote management.

Electronic management system in S.C. ADREM INVEST S.R.L.

S.C. ADREM INVEST S.R.L. uses myAVIS™ as an electronic system for management and optimising of activities of technical teams and for preparation of job orders and capacity planning.

Optimisation of human resource management in the company ČD Cargo, a.s.

myWORK™ helped the OPT department of the company ČD Cargo, a.s., to reduce personnel costs, to optimise the organisation structure and management process, and it brought transparent motivation for individuals and teams.

Management of sales teams in the company ACTIVA spol. s r.o.

myAVIS™ SFA allows the company ACTIVA spol. s r.o. to attain significant savings in direct costs and systematic optimisation during the management of sales processes of the retail division in the field.

Comprehensive information system in the company QANTO CZ s.r.o.

In the company QANTO CZ s.r.o., VENTUS together with myCASH™ constitutes a comprehensive system with centralized management and reliable communication between the wholesale and retail network.

Management of sales teams in Bongrain group

In the companies of the Bongrain group myAVIS™ SFA covers all mobile processes and information flows in connection with the sales representatives, it represents a key part for improving the effectiveness of management in the field.

Integrated solution of supply and servicing of lottery terminals in the company SAZKA, a.s.

In the company SAZKA, a.s., myAVIS™ Field Service & SFA integrates the functions of two hitherto separate verticals and activities into a single whole for the effective management of the work of all servicing workers in the field.

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myFABER™ Service Management

Solution for effective management of processes, operation and services in energy companies, utilities and servicing companies with support for workers in the field.
Solution image

myAVIS™ Mobile Solutions

Solutions for effective and high-quality management in the sales, servicing, marketing, production and distribution activities in the field.
Solution image

myWORK™ Work Management

Solution for effective and high-quality human resources management with emphasis on the middle management group, so-called “white collar workers”.
Solution image

myTEAM™ Workflow Management

Solution of optimal flow and management of documents, sharing and use of information for simple and effective cooperation of teams and their members.
Solution image

VENTUS® Software

ERP system for comprehensive solution of processes in commercial and commercial-production companies with significant warehouse management support - WMS.
Solution image

mySTOCK™ Warehouse Management

Solution for effective and comprehensive management of logistics, optimisation of warehouse processes with full support for mobile devices and workers.
Solution image

myMACHINE™ Work Management

Solution for checking and managing effectiveness of production, identification and elimination of downtime, losses and critical places of all production processes.
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myCASH™ Retail Management

Solution for retail sales with extensive functions for individual shops and for management of extensive networks and retail chains.
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myDATACENTER™ Data Solutions

Solution for reliable and highly secure operation of applications, data and projects with high level of guaranteed accessibility and quality of services.